Sound Masking

Is excess noise an issue at your office? Do your employees complain about noise distractions and lack of privacy? Sound masking is a great way to convert your office into an optimal acoustical environment. Your staff will benefit from higher levels of concentration, leading to increased productivity for your company. Sound masking also ensures privacy behind closed doors and in conference rooms for times that demand confidentiality.

Most workplaces today feature open spaces and smaller workstations, which are often shared, creating potential distractions from nearby conversations and ambient noise. The prevalent use of building material with less sound-absorptive qualities also creates acoustical challenges that negatively impact workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Sound Masking can be used in the following settings:

  • Corporate: open office, private office, conference rooms
  • Healthcare: patient rooms, waiting areas, reception areas
  • Hospitality: guest rooms, lobby areas, spas
  • Government and Law: secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices
  • Technology: engineering labs, co-shared spaces, design studios
  • Finance: call centers, retail banks, board rooms
  • Education: research laboratories, student centers, libraries
  • Venues: churches, conference centers, restaurants, airport lounges

Depth Communications partners with Cambridge Sound Management, a leader in Sound Masking systems.

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